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DR Animator

Houston Podiatrist

DR Animator (formerly Animator 2000) is an innovative animation program written specifically for Foot Surgeons. It combines high quality color graphics with advanced animation techniques in order to illustrate common foot and ankle surgical procedures. Created by Dr. Roger L. Friedman, DPM, FACFAS, surgeons throughout the country benefit from the clear and concise method DR Animator brings to simply and effectively illustrate a complex procedure.

Educate Patients

DR Animator also helps with the informed consent process, allowing patients to fully understand the nature of the planned surgery. A Pause feature allows you to emphasize parts of the procedure, and provides the patient the opportunity to ask questions.

As the patient becomes more informed, this leads to increased acceptance of your treatment plan as well as improved compliance in the peri-operative period. Increased awareness also helps alleviate any fears the patient may have concerning the treatment of their condition.

Educate Staff

DR Animator becomes an excellent educational tool for your office staff and the operating room staff at your local hospitals. Providing an in-service educational session is an effective means of preparing the staff for a procedure they may be unfamiliar with. As your staff becomes more knowledgeable, the level of patient care will increase as well.

Market Your Practice

DR Animator is an excellent marketing tool. Patients are generally impressed with your high-tech treatment and sincerely appreciate the few extra minutes you take showing your concern for their well-being. This leads to increased word-of-mouth referrals to your practice. DR Animator also gives your practice a tremendous advantage at health fairs and other public relations events, where visuals are extremely important and lend added impact to your display. Referring physicians who see your display will be duly impressed as to the extent of your expertise and scope of your practice.

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